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About Us

Our RV Story

I started Ramblin Rv as a way to share our experiences while traveling the country in our 2018 Leisure Unity MB.  We are not young, and we have taken to the road late in life.  I am in my late 60’s and my husband is in his late 70’s.

I do all the driving, since health issues prevent my husband from driving.  We intend to explore as much as we can at our age, and hopefully avoid getting into trouble.  Well, maybe a little trouble keeps things interesting, as long as it is harmless.

We have learned a lot since we purchased our small motor home, but we know there is much more to learn and explore.  Each time we hit the road, we discover something new about our Ramblin RV.  We hope to share a little bit of everything we experience, and learn along the way.

Our dog “Bleu” is our constant companion.  We adopted him from a shelter at 3 yrs old.  He came from an abusive and neglectful home, so he has had many things to overcome.  But he has come to trust us and love us, and we are grateful to have found him.  He loves traveling in the RV with us!

We both love wildlife, scenic drives, sandy beaches, mountain views, ghost towns, mining towns, unique landscapes, historical sites, and National Parks.  So our age, won’t stop us from ramblin along the highway in our Leisure Unity, in search of the next adventure.

We hope to share all of this with you in our blog.