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A Visit To Sand Coulee and Lewistown, Montana

Spring Creek Montana

Our first real trip in our new Leisure Unity was to Montana. My husband’s family is from the Great Falls area. They actually lived in a small coal mining town, Sand Coulee. There’s not much going on there anymore, but it has a history of a rough, tough mining and farming community. There is still a small population, and some of the old buildings are still standing, such as one of the old jailhouses. Sand Coulee’s history is strongly connected to Great Falls, Montana.

Sand Coulee, Montana

Sand Coulee brings back some odd memories for my husband, and as we drive through, he recalls being in one of the old abandoned homes. In those days, the bathroom was an outhouse, laundry was washed on a washboard, and coal miners lived a hard life. We believe it was the life his grandfather lived, but the hunt for information has been mostly fruitless. The facts remain unknown, and are left to the scant memories of a small boy.

“Traveling-It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

-Ibn Battuda

Lewistown, Montana

We moved on for a visit to Lewistown, Montana and Spring Creek. As we made our way to Lewistown, the winds began to pick up, and I could feel the pull and push on the RV. I wasn’t sure if I should pull over and wait it out or keep going. Remember, I am an older woman, and a newbie at driving a motor home! We decided to keep going, but the winds kept up their fierce attempts to push us off the road.

We finally arrived, and our first stop was Spring Creek. The locals talk of a large brown trout caught in the creek, known as the “Granddaddy of Spring Creek”, which is a small creek for such a big catch! The large Brown Trout is mounted in the local Sporting Goods Store. We didn’t stop at the Sporting Goods Store this time, but we have on past trips. It’s amazing to see that BIG FISH!

We parked the motor home, and walked to the creek. As we stood on the bridge, looking at the wind-driven, rippling creek, I knew my husband was trying to piece together his memories of his childhood when he fished in this amazing Spring Creek. So we just lingered awhile, in contemplation, enjoying the sights and sounds of that moment.

The Quaint Charm of Montana

The beautiful building above is the Fergus County Courthouse, and I think city hall, but I am not sure about that. All I know, is that I had to have a photo before we left. It’s just so lovely. We love Lewistown, Montana! It is a beautiful and quaint little town. We have visited a few times for short periods of time, but it has a certain charm that sticks with us as we head home.

As we start our homeward journey, heading north, we will travel miles upon miles of farm fields before getting there!


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