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Ramblin RV Returns Home

Frosty pumpkins make an appearance, as leaves filled with amber light dance in the Fall-chilled air. For Ramblin RV, this means the conclusion of a beautiful Summer filled with miles of fond memories.

We have tread across nine states, each with their own feast of beauty to offer. We reached our destinations, but we were also lured off course to explore other tidbits of nature. But make no mistake, we have not made a dent in all those enticing places to visit. We did make it down to part of Route 66, and “Standin On the Corner” in Winslow Arizona. It was one of our most unforgettable moments. My husband loves the Eagles, and we did the tourist thing, Stand-in On the Corner photo! All of our road trips hold special meanings for us, but I am not going to bore you with all of them, since most of them have been covered in my blog posts.

We enjoyed the salty air, and crashing waves along the Oregon Coast this year, and made it all the way down to Gold Beach, Oregon, where I found the most heavenly spot on the beach! The drive was twisty, but my love of the ocean, and my beautiful view of  the waves crashing on shore made it worth every curve in the road. Needless to say, a walk along that beach with our dog, Bleu, was a perfect way to begin and end a day. And it wouldn’t be a trip to the Oregon Coast without a meal from Mo’s Chowder House. Although I don’t eat chowder, my husband’s taste buds were ready! I found alternative items to enjoy on their menu to appease my taste buds. We usually prepare our own meals in the RV but Mo’s is a must when we are on the Oregon Coast.

Pacific Ocean Oregon Coastline

We explored Central Oregon, and made our way to the jaw dropping Crater Lake, with an intriguing story about how it was formed.  Photos don’t begin to capture this incredible scene.  You have to see it for yourself, and I hope you do.

This was our second year with our Ramblin RV, a 2018 Leisure Unity MB, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect hotel on wheels for us.  I have driven it through the mountains, along the coast, through the woods, and the desolate desert without a hint of trouble. As I have said in previous posts, I am an almost 70 year old woman, and my husband is almost 79 (doesn’t drive) and we are taking advantage of our ability to still travel, and see the sights around the country. Age limits us, but it hasn’t stopped us.

Traveling in a small motor home has so much to offer, and I don’t think we ever imagined how much easier it would make traveling. Beyond that, it has given us more motivation to get out, and enjoy life more. I love the way conversation between my husband and myself flows into many topics, as we cruise along the nations highways. Yet we can also relish the quiet, as we take in all of the scenes we encounter, and ponder our own thoughts.

We are always awaiting the next trip, and making plans. There are so many things to see, even if we are limited by disabilities, and age. We love to explore old mining and ghost towns, as well as National Parks. Some of the National Parks can be a challenge for my driving, but if I’m not comfortable, we just enjoy what feels right for us. Each road trip offers a new perspective, and inspiration for living life with more freedom, and appreciation. Yes, there can be challenges, but the rewards far outweigh any stress associated with RV travel.

Our second Summer has now come to an end, and our Ramblin RV returns home, and parked in the driveway, waiting to be winterized. That’s where it will be waiting for us when we are ready for our new adventures, and more Summer memories. We have several ideas about where we would like to go next year.

Some of the places of interest for next year include, South Dakota Badlands, and Mt. Rushmore.  Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks also rank high on our “must see” list.  We have been to Arches National Park in the past, and it was phenomenal.  We will try to work in some ghost towns and mining towns into our coming road trips. Before we purchased our motor home, we visited the ghost town of Bannack, Mt. via car. It was a chilling experience, and we would like to visit some other ghostly settlements from the past.

Although we are parked for the winter, you can continue to follow our blog for some of my thoughts, tips, ideas, and experiences regarding our RV traveling.

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