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What We Love About Our Leisure Unity Motorhome

Our RV Story

In my first post, I talked a bit about our first RV purchase, and that it turned out to be a costly mistake. We have put that behinds us, and are excited to be traveling in our new 2018 Leisure Unity.

I feel like a kid with a new toy! And our first trip was the real test. I had spent weeks making lists of what we needed. Loading the RV was new experience, but the layout of the our new Leisure Unity made packing decisions much easier. There is plenty of room for all of our belongings.

Leisure Unity Features We Love

We have many favorite features, but the one we love the most, is the bathroom! It’s so amazing. It is huge, for a 25 foot motor-home, and has an elegance, that wasn’t expected.
My husband absolutely loves the shower. He has plenty of room, and the shower spray is amazing. After showering, our clothes are easily accessible in the bathroom closet and drawers. A sliding, wooden door gives us privacy, and keeps the bathroom nice and warm.

Speaking of warmth, the Leisure Unity keeps us nice and toasty warm on those chilly evenings, or mornings with the ducted furnace, or the wonderful heat pump. And on those hot days, the air conditioner is a blessing!

One of the best features is the Murphy Bed. I think it is pure genius. It may not be for everyone, but it’s perfect for us and our needs. It’s easy, simple and quick to transition from the sitting area to a sleeping area. We sleep nice and peaceful on the mattress. And if I want to stay awake and watch tv in bed, the headboard had 2 sections that pull out to support your back, in a reclining position! Genius!

When we don’t have the bed down, we have our choice of two nice lounge chairs, with a cocktail table in the middle for watching a favorite movie on our large pop up tv, or curling up with a favorite book, or taking a short nap. And if we want to invite a couple of people to join us, the cab seats can be rotated around to become part of the seating area, with a removable table between them. But when it’s time to eat, we just turn the recliners into upright position, turn them to face each other, pull down a larger dining table, and we are ready to eat! We don’t feel cramped, or squeezed into a small seat while enjoying our meal, or whatever we are doing while sitting at the table.

Although, I haven’t done a lot of cooking in the motor home, I have done some. I love the kitchen layout. It is an L shape on one side of the motor home, so I can prepare and cook, without being in my husbands way, and he can move about the motor home without interfering with what I am doing. I have enough counter space, large sink, a pantry, microwave, and adequate storage! The pull out pantry is so handy for canned goods, and dry goods.

Smooth Ride

Driving the Leisure Unity with the Mercedes diesel engine is easy. Even though we are new RV owners, and I had never driven one before, it didn’t take me long to feel absolutely confident, and comfortable driving this RV. It’s easy to drive and maneuver. So far I have driven in high wind, rain, on bumpy, curvy roads, and through the mountains without any problems. I even drove it through some light snow. We have noticed that it rides smooth, and without much internal noise. I have learned that proper packing has a lot to do with how much noise we will experience. I use some sort of padding material between dishes, pans, silverware, etc. We secure all items while traveling.

I know, without a doubt we made the right choice this time, and have no regrets. We still have much to learn about our RV, and many more places to see, and roads to travel.

Our Leisure Unity MB truly does feel like home, when we travel.

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